Enjay Synapse Ver 2.0


Version           : 2.0
Build Version   : 12122401
Release Date   : 24 / 12 2012
New Feature Added :
  • Report For Top Time Customers.
  • If the extension is busy play busy tone.
  • If the extension is busy or the call is unanswered land on a different extension.
  • Patch System.
  • Licensing for Addons (Block Calls,Outbound Conference,Voice Broadcast,Click to Call Script).
  • Support for USB-FXO.
Bugs Fixed :
  • Wav file names with spaces were not deleted.Solved.
  • Reboot disabled mounting facility.Solved.
Change Log :
  • Uniformity of User Interface with new set of icons and buttons.
  • Friendlier Report with less clicks.

    Known Issues :

    • Transferred Calls recording will be found on the source where the calls was transferred from.
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