Release Note for Enjay Synapse V3.0(Build 130930)

  Version  : 3.0

  Build Version  : 1309301

  Release Date  : 30 / 09 / 2013

Features Added

  • Support Module :

    • PRI Support

      • E1/T1 Status : This provides a short output which will tell lot of PRI Status.

      • E1/T1 Debug : An option for PRI line monitoring.Start & Stop monitor,download pcap and open in wireshark.

      • E1/T1 Log : Complete configuration package download.Only files which will be required for debugging is downloaded.

    • Other

      • Block or Unblock Ip.

  • Checking of Unauthorized access

      • If anyone retries for max 5 times to register with wrong passwords will be blocked.

  • Voice Broadcast Changes

      • Setting of outgoing and recording number will be done from frontend via Synapse UI.

  • Call Forwarding Options in User

      • Call forwarding implemented with different options at different times.Call forwarding will work either always or a single or multiple combination of “On Unregister”,”On Busy” and “On Unanswer”.Destinations can be either a User or Ringgroup or IVR or External Number or Voicemail.

  • Round Robin strategy in Ringgroup

      • Round Robin calls a member in ringgroup in round robin fashion.Eg: If a group has 13,14,15 extensions.The first call will ring in sequence 13,14,15 if 13 attends then 14,15,13 and so on.

  • Alerts

      • Alerts can now be configured for multiple users.

      • PRI alert, Harddisk alerts & Change in User’s password included.

  • Card Detection from UI

      • If the PRI card (Sangoma )is not detected now its possible to do it from UI.

  • Outbound Conference

      • DOD number for conference.

      • Sending mail & a reminder to the members of conference, when conference is scheduled.

      • Live Status of conference with option for mute/unmute the member and kicking the member out.

      • Adding a member in an ongoing conference.

  • IVR Steps

      • IVR steps will be displayed.i.e what was done by the caller after entering to ivr.

  • Delay in Registering a User

      • This will show how much time was taken to register a user.Will act as a ping test.

  • User Creation:

      • Email address field

  • Service Restart Option:

      • Service Restart Option available for Live Status and SMB service.

  • User settings from User panel

      • Now a user can change their password,call forwarding and dnd options from their panel.

  • Email Address in Phonebook

      • Email address is now a part of phonebook which can then be used when scheduling conference.

Bugs Solved

  • Live status will be displayed properly.i.e will not not disappear in between.

  • Missed call report will be generated properly.

  • Ringall simultaneously for ringgroup recording & report.

  • Better reporting with virtual extensions displayed.

  • API Licence whether installed / not is displayed.

  • Report for EPABX generates proper records.

Known Issues

  • Support module will only work for Sangoma Digital Card.

  • Ring all simultaneously may not generate proper records.

  • Call Transfer Recording will be generated where it was first attended and not at the transferred agent.Report will show two calls.

  • Whether a PRI line is connected / not may not be displayed properly for a Digium card.

  • Voicemail will not work alone.Call forwarding has to be set to voicemail.