E1/T1 Status
When to look at ?
If a customer is facing issues with their pri line,calls being disconnected,you think that their pri line is down have a look here.This can tell a lot about the PRI line.
Below is a sample output

***** w1g1: E1 Rx Alarms (Framer) *****
***** w1g1: E1 Rx Alarms (LIU) *****
Short Circuit: OFF
Open Circuit: OFF
Loss of Signal: OFF

***** w1g1: E1 Tx Alarms *****

***** w1g1: E1 Performance Monitoring Counters *****

Line Code Violation : 330
Far End Block Errors : 4215
CRC4 Errors : 0
FAS Errors : 3

Rx Level : > -2.5db

When trying to read the output from above try to use the following rules of thumb: 

1. First check the Rx Level

The correct value is -2.5db
Anything other than -2.5db indicates that there is a problem with the cable.
Rx = -44dB -> either there is no cable plugged into the port, the cable is in very poor shape (so replace cable), or the incorrect type of cable is used(straight-through vs cross-over).
Rx = -2.5dB -> rx level is perfect.
Rx = [-10dB - 20dB] -> there is something on the line but very weak. indicates a cable problem. i.e the cable length between synapse pri port and pri modem port should not be more than 1 meter. 
2. Rx Alarms : Anything if ON indicates problem.The right value should be OFF.
Rx Alarms indicated that there is something wrong on the line and have the following meanings:
RED - We are not receiving any kind of signal on the line (Usually indicates that the line is not active).
AIS  - The remote end is keeping us down on purpose (eg. Line in maintenance).
RAI -The remote end is down.
Note: If the only alarm you experience is LOF & RED, try changing between CRC4 and NCRC4.
3.Short/Open Circuit
These statistics usually indicate cable issues or that the port is not plugged in at all.