EPBX as we all know it - has been used in our offices since last many years - lots of functionality has been added to it in last few years - but still it is using analog technology at some level - which cannot be avoided.

  Where as IP_PBX is based on IP (Internet Protocol) and is fully digital. In this article we will evaluate the benefits of IP_PBX over our old EPBX system.

  IP_PBX is similar to EPBX in basic functionality, however instead of normal analogue phones - you use IP_Phones or soft phones (these all are based on SIP - IP telephony protocol)

  Advantages of IP_PBX:

  •   Fully digital technology    

  •   No double wiring.          

  •   Softphones    

  •   Easier to manage from web interface.

  •   No vendor lock in (Open Protocol)                

  •   Integrate with business software.        

  •   VOIP Service providers.    

  •   Least cost routing.