There are alternatives for AutoCAD for Linux platform, however they might not be as famous or as professional as AutoCAD. Further the users may be very accustomed and habituated to AutoCAD, So they might not be ready to use alternatives to AutoCAD. They will require AutoCAD to run on Linux.

Which is not possible (practically), and not feasible or worth the effort. Just think of it. Why you would want to run AutoCAD on Linux.

If it is to save cost of Licensing of MS Windows Desktop OS, then that is very insignificant as compared to cost of Licensing for AutoCAD, So it does not make any sense in doing so. Anyways in any office environment generally very few people will be using AutoCAD (unless its a Architect's firm).

The best alternative is to use a windows Desktop PC, and install AutoCAD there. 

Don't try to run it on Linux, its not worth the efforts.