Of course yes. You can do a dual booting with Enjay Tiguin Linux (and install any other OS as second OS)

But wait. Is it worth doing it? Please read this.

  1. If your Purpose is to save on licensing costs by migrating to Linux you shouldn't  do dual booting, because that way you will still have to pay for Windows OS (even if you don't use it. You still have to pay for it).
  2. In case you are checking compatibility of Tiguin, you should never install Tiguin as Dual Booting because that complicates that matters because you don't do Dual Booting regularly. Instead give the list of your hardware to Enjay and we will right away tell you what is compatible and what is not. 
  3. In case you are checking whether your users will use it or not, never do dual booting. People will not use it that way. (its not a technical question but a psychological one - its about change management in an organisation)
    1. First they need to be explained, why to use Tiguin. 
    2. Then they need to be trained (a little) on how to use Tiguin. 
    3. Then they need to be given Tiguin (only) to use it. 

However, Enjay Tiguin has capability to run vBox, which is virtualisation software and it can help you run other operating system inside Enjay Tiguin OS.

For more information and help on vBox setup, please get in touch with Enjay Support Team.