One of the most used and appreciated feature of Enjay Tiguin is Printer support. There are many ways and option for printing from Enjay Tiguin. Also We have created good library support (apart from what is readily available), which will help our clients use non-standard printers with Enjay Tiguin.

However, we recommend to confirm with Enjay's Support team as far as the printer support is concerned.

Most Important thing to consider while evaluating Printer compatibility:

  1. Some times very old printers (which you have in your organisation) are not supported on Linux. 
  2. Now you have two options:
    1. Pay for Windows License on that PC and continue using that Printer. 
    2. Buy new Printer which is compatible with Tiguin Linux. 
  3. This is a financial decision and not a technical one. 
  4. Think wisely and practically.