Of course yes, infact Enjay Tiguin Application Server OS is designed to work as a Terminal Server OS. Enjay Thin Clients powered by Enjay Tornado OS can be used as Client PCs which can be used to connect Enjay Tiguin Server. Enjay Tiguin Server OS is the best option for Tally on Linux.

Enjay Tiguin Desktop (or any other Desktop or Thin Client which supports RDP protocol) can be used as Client PC for connecting to Enjay Tiguin Server.

Capacity Planning for Enjay Tiguin Server Hardware.

What kind of server hardware is required depends on many factors, some of them are as follows:

  • Number of active / concurrent users at any given time.
  • What and how many applications they run concurrently.
  • Nature and resource requirements of those applications.
  • Periodic or seasonal hikes in the usage pattern.
  • Near Future requirements and expansion plan (don't plan for too long)

Capacity planning can be tricky, and may require lots of calculations and experience. Enjay can provide consultancy and guidance for the same. Please feel free to contact Enjay Support team for more assistance.