This article will help you to configure and will guide you to take daily backup from Tally Cloud.

In a conventional setup of Tally, we have few locations that need to be backed up in a pretty regular course of using Tally on Cloud.

Tally on Cloud Web Panel offers a best way of Backing up automatically every piece of files created by your users in Tally Cloud.


  • Open Tally Cloud Admin Panel in Browser TOC Admin Panel.
  • Go to "Tally Backup", Click on Drop down button in Google Cloud Backup. (See Image Below)

  • Type Google drive Account for Backup
  • Click on "Generate Google Code". (See Image Below)

  • Type Google Drive Account, Click on "Next". (See Image Below)

  • Enter Password for same Google Drive Account, Click on "Next". (See Image Below)

  • Click on "Allow" button. (See Image Below)

  • On the next screen you will see the Code generated by Google Account. Copy the Code. (See image below)

  • Now you can go back to Tally on Cloud Web Admin Panel in "Tally Backup" Page.
  • Paste the code here and Set schedule backup time. . (See image below)

  • Now Google Cloud Backup schedule configured. (See Image Below)
  • Now your backup files will be sent to your Google drive's Backup folder with date wise folder.

Let see for taking Backup from Tally on Cloud.

  • Open Remote Desktop Connection and Connect tally Cloud URL.
  • Click on "Backup".

  • Select Path for Data backup as shown in Image. (See Image Below)
  • Source        C:\Data
  • Destination : C:\Backup

  • Select companies for Backup.
  • Press "Yes".

  • Your backup file will be available in your Google drive account at schedule time with date wise folder.
  • Open Backup folder and see your Backup files. (See Image Below)

Important Notice :

  • It is recommended that you keep a good track on all the Backup alerts.
  • If you don't take backup from Tally Cloud then you will get alerts in your registered email id.
  • It is also recommended that you check your Backup Files at-least once in a day.

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