In This document we will see how Google Drive is used to perform Data Transfers between your PCs and Tally on Cloud Servers.

While working in Tally on Cloud it becomes crucial that you have a Safe and Fast medium of exchanging Data files between your PCs and Tally on Cloud Server.

In Tally on Cloud, Google Drive is used for following purposes :

  1. Sending Your Existing Tally Data to Tally on Cloud.
  2. Getting your Tally Data on Tally on Cloud to your PCs.
  3. Getting Files exported from Tally on Cloud.
  4. Sending your TDL Tally Customization Files to Tally on Cloud.
  5. Getting Your Backup Files, generated by Tally in Tally on Cloud, to your PCs.

Steps : Configuring Google Drive Account on your Tally on Cloud Server.

  • Go to "Tally Storage" section in Tally Cloud Web Panel. (See image below)
  • On "Configure Drive" Page select "Proceed" button.

  • Click on "OK" to proceed further.

  • Click on "Generate Google Code".

  • It will open a Window with Google login page. (See image below)
  • Login Your Google drive account. Click on "Next".

  • Enter Password for the same Google drive account, Click on "Next".

  • Click on "Allow" Button.

  • Select the code available in next window and copy it. (See image below)

  • Moving back to "Tally Cloud Admin Panel" Paste the code. (See image below)
  • Enter Google Drive Account and Password. (See image below)

  • Click on "Apply" Button. (See image Above)

  • Now Syncing with Google drive in Process. (See image below)

  • Congratulations !!! Now Google drive configured with you Tally Cloud Server.

Uploading Tally Data to Tally on Cloud Server :


  • Open Google Account and open "Drive" in Browser.
  • Go to "Data" Folder. (See image below)

Important Note : Before uploading new company, please make sure that there is no other companies available in the Data Folder.

  • Right Click on blank area and Click on "Upload Folder". (See image below)

  • Select Company from Your Computer's Drive and Upload it.
  • Now Company has been uploaded in Google drive.(See image below)

Now Back to Tally Cloud Admin web Panel.

  • "Tally Storage" - "Manage Tally Data" (See Image below)

  • Click on "Upload Data" (See Image Above)

Important Note :- If we click on "Upload Data" so it will copy folders from Google drive's Data and put in Tally Cloud Data Folder, It will replace data in Cloud Data folder if put same tally data folder name.

  • It will pop up for confirmation "Would you like to continue".  
  • Click on OK button. (See Image Below)

Congratulations !!! Data is uploaded in Tally Cloud Server. Now it will be available in Tally Cloud.

  • Now Connect Tally Cloud through Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Select Company.

Downloading Tally Data to Your Google Drive Account :

In future if you want to get your actually Tally Data in your Google Drive account, then 

  • Tally on Cloud Web Panel Click on "Tally Storage" section.
  • You need to click "Download Data" button on "Manage Tally Data".

  • You can download specific company by clicking on "Specific Company Folder".

  • Or you can download all companies by Clicking on "Download Data".

Downloading Tally Data from Google Drive to Your PC :

Once Tally Data is downloaded to your Google Drive Account.

  • Open Google drive account and go to "Data" Folder.
  • Do right Click on Company data and "Download".

Data will be downloaded in your Local System.

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