Changes are essential in life, So here we come with some more added features and bugs updated on 30/06/2018 in our Enjay Fusion CRM as listed below:




    1. Moving to next page was creating issue for Call module

            Then: If we are clicking on next page of call module, than automatically company was selecting on filter. Which was giving wrong details

            Now: No company is added on filter after clicking next page.


    2. Adding description from iOS mobile app was not reflecting on Web application

            Then: Adding description from iOS mobile app was not reflecting on CRM web

            Now: You can update your record from web app or iOS app, both data is synced properly


    3. Not able to open notification list from web application

            Then: Not able to open the list of notification sometime. We were able to view only counts of notification

            Now: We can view counts of notification as well as can open the list of notifications

    4. Small size of location field on Meeting module

            Then: Location field size was small, which was not giving full name of location sometimes

            Now: Location field size is increased, which will give proper information of location

    5. Not able to access Quotation Module from Safari Browser

            Then: Safari users were not able to use quotation module

            Now: User on any platform can use quotation module

    6. Import Error 

            Then: Import error was showing because of Email Verify feature

            Now: Email Verify is disabled while importing data

    7. Email Address getting blank on Company Module

            Then: If any ticket or deal is created under company, then Email address on Company module was getting blank

            Now: Adding Ticket or deal under any company is not reflecting data of company

    8. Size of description field

            Then: If more number of line is added on description field, than description field was getting larger in size and user have to scroll full page to read information

            Now: We can add "n" number of lines on description field. To view this field we can scroll the field instead of scrolling the whole page

    9. iOS Session getting expired sometime

            Then : Most of the time if we are logged in from browser, then iOS session was getting expired from mobile app

            Now: Session not getting expired for iOS application

    10. Unable to save record on RMA module

            Then: RMA name field was marked as mandatory & was not on edit form

            Now: Coding applied to auto generate RMA name with counter increase number of RMA


    11. Term Generic in SMS template list while selecting SMS template for sending SMS

            Then: Because of Generic word displayed on dropdown list of SMS templates, SMS templates with large name was not displayed properly

            Now: Generic word is renamed as Alphabet "G". You can view name of SMS template.

    12. Meeting created from Mobile app is not reflected on CRM calendar

            Then: If meeting was created from Mobile App, it was not adding to CRM calendar

            Now: Meeting can be created from anywhere. You can create meeting on web as well as mobile app, it will be added to CRM calendar

    13. Person created from quick create form is  not linked under company

            Then: If any person detail is created from quick create form of ticket module, than this person was not linked under particular company

            Now: You can created person from quick create form anywhere, it will be related to particular company

    14.  Check In address was not saved sometime

            Then: Sometimes check In was shown successfully but it was not converting latitude & longitude to proper location in CRM

            Now: If Check In is done successfully, then it will store accurate latitude & longitude with location in CRM

    15. Import error because of Special character in column name

            Then: If column name of import template is consist of any special character, then we were facing import error

            Now: We can add special character in column name of import template & import it successfully

    16. Extra day was added to product warranty expiry date

            Then: If we were selecting product warranty period in CRM, then product warranty expiry date was adding 1 extra day to it

            Now: Product expiry date is proper as per the warranty period decided for product

    17. Multiple line item was added automatically on deal module

            Then: Multiple line item was selected automatically after saving the deal, it was affecting deal amount

            Now: No extra line item is added automatically after saving the deal, Hence deal amount is not affecting any more


    1. True Number in Mobile App

            Now you can get proper identity & detail of unknown number call from CRM Mobile App. 

Suppose you have received a call from 98XXXXXXXX number & you don't know the detail of call. Than Enjay True Number will find out the unknown number details on call module. But for this you have to log calls with Mobile app.

    2. Added Netstat Plugin in CRM

            You will get to know your network connection from CRM page.

    3. Mark all notification as read in a single click

            You don't have to open each notification and mark as read anymore. We have added "Mark all as read" button now. On single click of this button all notifications will be read automatically.

    4. Add description field on call module

            Now you can add call description in detail after the calling is done


    5. Check In And Check Out accuracy

            You will get the accuracy meter from mobile app while check In & check Out on any module