• Better Username Password Management while installing Printers

Advantage: There are 2 different advantages.

  1. Sometimes Printers do not have any Username Password set for accessing them on network. But still Tally on Cloud asks for Username Password. With this added functionality Tally on Cloud will identify itself if Username and Password are not required.

  2. There was a bug in Tally on Cloud Printer Management section. Bug was that it used to ask for password again and again if one time a wrong password was mistypes. With this feature you need not worry about accidental typo mistakes.

How it's Work?

1.This works only in case of Printers installed using VPN.

2.When you are installing VPN Printers you can select Printer from the list.

3.Once Printer is selected from the list. The automated mechanism will identify if really username and password authentication is required.

4.If the automated mechanism finds that authentication is not required it will not ask you for username and password.

Please refer image as shown below. it is directly finding share Printer without asking Username And Password.

5.Secondly, many times users used to mistype the password and then Tally on Cloud Interface would not allow even right password to be entered. A correct solution is done for this problem and it will not behave in such way in case of password typing mistake done.