Changes are essential in life, So here we come with some more added features and bugs updated on 25/12/2017 in our Enjay Fusion CRM as listed below:


    1. iOS dropdown

      Then - Suppose the first value (Default value) of dropdown was "Open" in  Web Application. Then too in iOS Mobile Application, the default value of the same dropdown was different. i.e Mismatch in drop-down value listing

      Now - Drop-down default value order will be same in web & iOS Application.

      Note: This Update will be reflected in next iOS App version release.



    2. Invalid value workflow template.


         Then: When Email was getting fired through workflow, If the template used in workflow was having any wrong link of record at recipient field, then it was passing the value as "Invalid Value". For Example "Dear Invalid Value"

         Now: If there is any wrong link in template, then it will send as "Dear Sir/Madam"



    3. Current Password for admin not visible while changing a password.

            Then: After Password was getting expired, User were redirected to Password setting page. On this page, their was no field for current password.

            Now: Now user can view current password field also while resetting the password.



New Dropdown value added in report filter field

    In drop-down value of Date field, There are 4 new values added as today, before today, after today, before 7 days and after 7 days.