Changes are essential in life, So here we come with some more added features and bugs updated on 9/11/2017 in our Enjay Fusion CRM as listed below:


  1. Vertical bar chart squeezes in case of large data

      Then - When their was large data in any report. If user was trying to mark that report as favourite and set on Dashboard, Than chart was getting shrink.

      Now - Chart is not getting shrink, even for large amount of data.










        2.  “To” address field was showing blank on "My Emails" Dashlet

             Then: For My Emails in Dashlet, “To” address was showing blank

             Now: Complete Information for today’s mail can be seen on Dashboard









        3. Issue in Loading Dashlet

            Then: It was taking around minutes to load new Dashlet

            Now: Dashlet is loaded in a blink







       4. Notification issue

           Then: Whenever any record is assigned from Web, User gets Notification on Mobile as well as on Application. But when any record is assigned from Mobile,             user was not getting Notification in Web.

           Now: Notification is now enabled for record assigned from Application should be shown on both Web and application. Also Record assigned from Web                      should show notification on both Web and Application (vice-versa)


        5. Duplicate reports were created after Scheduling it

            Then: Whenever user Schedules any report, Duplicate report were created automatically with same record

            Now: After Scheduling, No Duplicate Report is created






       6. Email ID field in scheduling report is not getting updated

           Then: Whenever user was trying to add Email ID  while scheduling the report and saving it. Email ID field was not getting updated. It was showing blank,                   though Email Id was added.

           Now: If user added or removing Email ID while Scheduling the report, Email field is updated accordingly.

       7. Issue on Publish & Delete button while import.

           Then: When we were trying to delete the saved template for importing or trying to publish it. After refreshing page also, Delete & Publish option were not                  updating

           Now: On every Publish or delete option, after refreshing page, both option are updating

         Trying to delete preset import setting “Import Contracts”


          Then after Refreshing Page:


            Now after Refreshing page:


        8. Issue in time field on task module

            Then: Whenever user was Entering time required to complete task in float value, On list view for that task, time was auto calculate as round figure.

            Now: On listview, same time is shown as entered by users (float and Integer)

           Entering Time as 0.75


          Then: It was showing as "1"                              

          Now: It is now showing as "0.75"


       7. Error on studio

              Now: While Opening studio it was giving error sometime and not able to open the page.

              Then: We can easily open the the studio from admin panel.