1. Which Android OS are supported?
    Android 4.4 and above.

  2. Is Synapse Mobile available on iOS phones?
    NO, It’s not available and No immediate plans for releasing.

  3. Which Sugar CRM versions / Editions are supported?
    Sugar CRM. 6.5.x  (Any edition – CE, Pro, Ent)

  4. Which Suite CRM versions / Editions are supported?
    Any Suite CRM version which is based on Sugar version 6.5.x or above.

  5. How to Buy Synapse Mobile?
    Click on above button for Demo, fill up the form and we will connect you.

  6. What is the Synapse Mobile subscription model?
    Synapse Mobile is priced per user per month basis.

  7. Can Synapse Mobile work if there is No Internet connection to Mobile or if My CRM is onsite?
    The only requirement is that both Mobile and CRM should be in single Network. So if you have onsite Server and all your users are local. There is no internet required.

  8. What permissions do I have to allow in my Mobile Device for running Synapse Mobile?
    Manage Phone Calls.
    Record Audio
    Access Media
    Access Contacts
    Access SMS

  9. How does call recording feature work in Synapse Mobile?
    Voice file is recorded and stored in Mobile device and then uploaded to CRM instance after couple of minutes
    Voice of another party may be feeble (this is due to Android Security feature). Few device may even not support the recording. Recording works very smoothly on Samsung Mobiles.