Changes are essential in life, So here we come with some more added features and bugs updated on 10.04.2017 in our Enjay Fusion CRM as listed below:


  1. Vertical bar chart squeezes in case of large data

    • Then - Difference between the two Bar incase of large data adds more vertical bars, Specified amount of space added between two Bars

    • Now - Look of the vertical bar chart gives you proper information about your team

  1. Workflow create condition 4th point used to show error

    • Then - While creating a condition in the workflow, 4th point selection used to show error

    • Now - It does not show the error and can successfully create your conditions in Workflow management option

  1. Global search for Email id search

    • Then - Not able to search by Email Id

    • Now - You can your customer by Email Id also

  1. Global search - on clicking the magnifying glass

    • Then - On clicking on the Magnifying glass icon after getting the search result Global search, the details box shows empty columns

    • Now - The Details box shows the relevant data for the search result

  1. Import file name not visible

    • Then - On import command whether it is for Companies, Deals, Persons, Logs, Enquiries,the file name selected does not show the file name

    • Now - On file selection, the file selected name used to appear blank which used to give an indication of no file selected

  1. Add dashlet, my favourite reports were not visible on chart tabs

    • Then - After clicking on Add dashlet icon, selecting my favourite dashboard was showing loading error

    • Now - You can select your favourite reports

  2. Default team selection for user profile

    • Then - While creating any company,person,enquiry, On add more group to the visible to icon, the primary group used to show error

    • Now - The primary group is auto selected does not show error on saving

  1. Error while merging 2 records

    • Then - Under ticket module on merging any two entries it you used to show error

    • Now - Now it does not show error, it usually done for TAT calculation

  1. In Email settings Panel the bottom panel that was of no use is been removed.

    • Then - Under Admin panel, Email settings the section of Email security setting was visible

    • Now - Email security setting is removed so as to avoid confusion and making the view easy and understandable

  1. The version of the CRM update could now be seen in the System Settings.

    • Then - In Admin panel, under System settings, The version of CRM was not visible

    • Now - The version of CRM that is installed is updated

  1. Reports created by other user was not editable

    • Then - Report created by system administrator goes along with CRM, But if any report created by other than the system administrator then it is not editable though the report is created

    • Now - Now reports created by other than the system administrator is also editable

  2. In Email box, From email is empty

    • Then - Under Email inbox, From section is empty due to which you do not know who sent you mail until you open the email

    • Now - After scheduling the From email as per requirement then From email list is visible

  1. Get count of notification and desktop notification when you get a new email in ticket

    • Then - Any new tickets received gets unnoticed

    • Now - You receives the notifications on the desktop only, so none of the new tickets are unanswered

  1. Enquiry History is not copied when enquiry is converted into Deal

    • Then - When any Enquiry is getting converted into Deal, the conversation history is not copied

    • Now - The conversation history is updated whenever the enquiry is converted to Deal

  1. Email Address & Case description is copied from case subpanel while composing Email.

    • Then - In Ticket/Log module, Under Planned section, while composing email the other details like Subject name, Description details for which you want to reply was not updated

    •  Now - The description of the previous email is updated to which you are replying so that recipient can relate to the mail for which he is getting the reply