Windows users can easily connect to Tally on Cloud service using a built in Remote Desktop Client (mstsc).

Create connection to Tally on Cloud in MS Windows

  • While in your Windows Desktop, open "Remote Desktop Connection" tool.

  • Create a connection as shown in below image.
  • In Computer field, type your Tally on Cloud IP Address or Sub Domain Name. (See image below)
  • Type your username for connecting to Tally on Cloud.

  • Click on Options. (See image above)
  • Click on "Allow me to save credentials" option to avoid passing password on every connection. (See image below)
  • Provide your username and password on next screen. (See image below)

  • Now click on "Save" button to create a shortcut icon. (See image below)

  • Select Desktop while saving your RDP connection file. This will help you to just double click with mouse on shortcut icon, while running Tally on Cloud. (See image below)

  • Double click with mouse on newly created desktop icon to start Tally on Cloud. (See image below)

Congratulations !!! you have successfully created a connection to connect Tally on Cloud from your Wndows PC.

Tally on Cloud Technical Support team can assist you configuring your Tally on Cloud.

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