Tally ERP9's great flexibility is with all the customisation that is available. Lot of companies go for different customisation based on their requirements. Tally on Cloud also provides support for applying TDL Tally Customisation files and working with them in the same way as you do it in your Tally ERP9 on Desktop.

Upload TDL Files to Tally on Cloud :

  • Make sure you have already configured Google Drive Client on your Tally Administrator's Windows PC.
  • Go to Tdl folder. (See image below)

  • Inside TDL folder place your TDL file. Main.tcp file is example tel file. (See image below)

  • Once you have placed your TDL File, you can now open your Tally on Cloud Web Panel
  • Go to "Tally Storage" section and in the right pane select "Manage TDL" page. (See image below)

  • You can select your TDL, tcp file by putting a check mark in box under Action menu. (See image above)
  • Then click on "Apply" Button.
  • This will apply your TDL, tcp file into Tally. So you need not go into Tally for applying TDL, tcp files.

Checking TDL Files in Tally on Cloud

  • Now you can open your Tally with help of Remote Desktop Client (Windows, iOS, Linux, Android) 
  • Go to Tally Gateway,
  • This Document is under Construction !!!