While working in Tally on Cloud it becomes crucial that you have a Safe and Fast medium of exchanging Data files between your PCs and Tally on Cloud Server.

In This document we will see how Google Drive is used to perform Data Transfers between your PCs and Tally on Cloud Servers.

In Tally on Cloud, Google Drive is used for following purposes :

  1. Sending Your Existing Tally Data to Tally on Cloud.
  2. Getting your Tally Data on Tally on Cloud to your PCs.
  3. Getting Files exported from Tally on Cloud.
  4. Sending your TDL Tally Customisation Files to Tally on Cloud.
  5. Getting Your Backup Files, generated by Tally in Tally on Cloud, to your PCs.

What Google Drive is not for, in Tally on Cloud :

Google drive Account used for Tally on Cloud is not meant for certain purposes. If you do in that way it will unnecessarily affect your Network Bandwidth.

  1. Google Drive is not for Backup of your Data. A Separate Provision for Backup is provided in Tally on Cloud.
  2. Google Drive is not for storing your Data files, other than that are related to Tally on Cloud. You can have a separate Google Drive Account for this purpose.

Precautions, to be taken, in Google Drive Account :

Some precautions, if taken, will help you access your Tally with more better performance.

  1. Google Drive Account for this purpose should always be Fresh Google Account. This Google Drive Account shouldn't be used for any other purpose.
  2. Keep a regular check on usage of your Google Drive account. Timely remove unnecessary files and folders from your Google Drive Account meant for Tally on Cloud.
  3. Files exported from Tally are always available on this Google Drive Account. It is recommended that you should timely move those files to your PCs.

Now Lets see Google Drive Configuration :

Google Drive Configuration includes, configuring it on your Local PCs as well as on Tally on Cloud with your personalised Google Drive Account. We may see following things while configuring Google Drive Account for Tally on Cloud purpose.

  1. Configuring Google Drive Account on your Tally Administrator's PC.
  2. Configuring Google Drive Account on your Tally on Cloud Server.

Configuring Google Drive Account on your Tally Administrator's PC :

  1. Download Windows version of Google Drive Client and install it on Tally Admin's PC. (See image below)

    • Further Process with download googledrivesync.exe.
    • Install and Configure the Client with same Google account. (See example in image below)

    • Proceed with the setup to complete it.
    • Finally go to your Google Drive folder for creating Tally Data Folders. (See image below)
      • Folder Names are Case Sensitive. Backup, Data, Export and Tdl.
    • Hurray !!! Your Google Drive Configuration is now Done on Your Tally Administrator's PC.

Configuring Google Drive Account on your Tally on Cloud Server :

  • Go to "Tally Storage" section in Tally on Cloud Web Panel. (See image below)

  • On "Configure Drive" Page select "Proceed" button.
  • Select option "Click Here to Configure Google Account". (See image below)

  • It will open a Window with Google login page. (See image below)
    Note : If you are already login with other user, then make sure you login with Newly created Google Account.

  • Once you login with Newly created google account you will see a web page asking to allow our process on google account. (See image below)
    Click on "Allow" button to proceed.

  • Select the code available in next window and copy it. (See image below)
  • Moving back to "Tally Storage" page in Web Panel, Paste the code. (See image below)

  • Click on "Apply" button.
  • Hurray !!! you have configured Google Drive in Tally on Cloud.