Data of Tally is very essential for both Tally ERP9 and the Company using Tally ERP9. It becomes essential that a special care be taken while dealing with transfers of Tally Data Files between Your Local PCs and Tally on Cloud. Here we will see how securely and easily you can get or send your Data with help of Google Drive.

Important Note :

  • Backup your Data before uploading it to Tally on Cloud.
  • Make sure you have made good provision for Data Backup while working in Tally on Cloud.
  • Make sure you have good understanding of How to Backup Data from Tally on Cloud.

So first of all, you need to configure a Google Drive Account in Local PC of Your Tally Administrator as well as on Tally on Cloud. Follow this guide to configure Google Drive Account.

Uploading Tally Data to Google Drive Account :

  1. Place your Tally Company Folders in "Data Folder" of Your Tally Administrators Google Drive Folder. (See image below)
  2. As soon as you place your Tally Company Folders in Data folder, it will start syncing with your Google Drive Account

Uploading Tally Data to Tally on Cloud Server :

  1. Once Google Drive Sync is complete, you can open your Tally on Cloud Web Panel for further processes.
    • In "Tally Storage" section go to "Mana Tally Data" page and click on "Upload Data" button.
      (This will sync your Google Drive Data Folder with Tally on Cloud Drive Location, and thereafter it will upload Data from Tally on Cloud drive Location to Actual Tally Data Location.)

    • Important Note :
      • Tally on Cloud actual Tally Data Location and Tally on Cloud Google Drive Locations are separate.
      • This is to avoid accidental replacement of Data. If Your Tally Administrator, by mistake, replaces Tally Data in Google Drive, then it won't directly change the actual Tally Data on Tally on Cloud. It will happen only if Upload Data button is clicked.

Downloading Tally Data to Your Google Drive Account :

In future if you want to get your actually Tally Data in your Google Drive account, then you need to click Download Data button on "Manage Tally Data" Page of "Tally Storage" section, in Tally on Cloud Web Panel.

Downloading Tally Data to Your PC :

Once Tally Data is downloaded to your Google Drive Account, you get it downloaded to your Tally Administrator's PC with help of Google Drive Client that you have installed on your Tally Administrator's PC.

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