You need to create users in Tally on Cloud Web Panel, 

so that all your Tally users can access Tally on Cloud, 

with their respective username and password.

With Tally on Cloud Web Panel, you can easily do following things :

1. Create New Users and set password for them.

  • To Create New User, login to your Web Panel and go to "User Management" section.

  • You will see a list of users in the right pane, if users already exist.
  • You can click on "+" button to add new users. (See image below)

  • Type Username and Password, Click on Submit Button. (See image below).
  • You can click on Show Password to see the password.

2. Change password for existing Users

  • While in User Management section, you will see a list of users.
  • In the Action column Click on  icon to edit desired user.

  • In the next window change your password and save.
  • On next login user will have to use new password set by you.

3. Delete User

  • While in "User Management" section, you will see a list of users.
  • In the "Action" Column select  icon to delete desired username.

4. Manage Logged in users.

  • Login your Admin Panel in Browser.
  • You can see a list of Logged in users in "Dashboard" section. (See image below)

  • Click on  "Logout User" Option. (See image above)

  • you will see all users that are currently logged in.
  • Select User(s) whom you want to log off.
  • Then select  icon from top right corner of "Logout User" List.
  • All those selected users will be logged off immediately from their Tally session.

For any other queries please feel free to contact TallyonCloud Support Team.

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