Tally on Cloud Printing System has almost all the drivers for various Printers. Rarely Tally on Cloud users come across unavailability of their Printer Drive in Tally on Cloud. Here Google Cloud Printing service, which is a free service provided by google, comes to rescue.

Idea is to help Tally on Cloud users to be able to print on their locally connected printers while using Tally on Cloud. Let's see how google cloud printing service can be used in such scenarios where Printer Drivers for Tally on Cloud are not available.

Important Note :

It is recommended that you create a separate Google Account for this purpose.

Adding Your Printers to Google Cloud Print :

  • Install Google Chrome web Browser on Your Windows PC.
    (Windows PC from which you want to add printers to Google Cloud Print)
  • Start Google Chrome web browser for adding your printers.
  • In the Address Bar type chrome://devices. (See image below)

  • On Devices Page Click on "Add printers" button. (See image below)

  • Login to google with Account that you have created for Google Cloud Printing.

  • A list of Printer to register will be available. (See image below)

  • These is the list of printers currently available on your Windows PC. 
  • You can select printers that you would like to use while printing in Tally on Cloud. (See image above)
  • Click on Add printer(s) button to finish adding Printers. (See image above)
  • On the next screen you will see a message saying "Thanks, you're ready to go!". (See image below)

  • So your printers are now ready on Google Cloud Print server. (See image below)

  • You can now Configure your Google Cloud Printers in Tally on Cloud.

Configuring Google Cloud Print in Tally on Cloud :

  • Open your Tally on Cloud Web Panel.
  • Go to "Printer Configuration" section and in the right pane click on "+" sign near "Printer List" heading.

  • On the Next Screen, in the right pane, click on button "Click For Google Printer". (See image below)

  • Click on "Click Here to Configure Google Account". (See image below)

  • Click on "Allow" Button to allow Printer Management in Your Account. (See image below)

  • On the next screen you will see the Code generated by Google Account. Copy the Code. (See image below)

  • Now you can go back to Tally on Cloud Google Cloud Print Configuration Page to paste the code. (See image below)

  • Click on "Apply" button to continue. (See image above)
  • Google Printer Configuration will start and will take a few moments to configure. (See image below)

  • On the next screen you will be able to see Your Printer(s) available in Google Cloud Print.

  • Congratulations you have successfully configured your printer(s) with Google Cloud Print for using in Tally on Cloud.

Printing in Tally on Cloud with Google Cloud Print :

  • Connect Tally on Cloud and check if the printer is available in Tally on Cloud. (See image below)

  • You can no Print on your Local Printer(s), while using Tally on Cloud, with help of Google Cloud Print.
  • You can use same Google Cloud Print Account to install Printer(s) from multiple PCs, to use them while working in Tally on Cloud.

Tally on Cloud Technical Support team can assist you configuring your Tally on Cloud.

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