Why VPN?

  • VPN is for creating a private network between your PC and Tally on Cloud Server.
  • Printer driver installation needs such Private Network between your PC and Tally on Cloud Server.
  • You need such Private Network to setup Backup configuration between Your Local Backup device and Tally on Cloud Server. 

To connect your PC, using VPN, to Tally on Cloud, we need to configure VPN Server as given below.

Don't Worry its really easy. Let's go.

Let's Configure VPN on Tally on Cloud Server.

  • Open Tally on Cloud Web Portal. (Know more about Web Panel)
  • Go to VPN Configuration Section.

VPN Configuration is required for creating a Private Network between two locations. Printer redirection options is enabled only if VPN is configured and client server connection is made using VPN IPs.

Configure VPN on Server

  • While in admin panel go to “VPN Configuration”

  • VPN Configuration window is as shown in below image. 

  • Click on Next button.

  • Click on "+" Button for selecting Users.

Check box in the Action column will help you for

  • Enabling / Disabling Users as per your requirement.

  • After selecting Users click on “Submit” Button.

  • You will see “VPN Users List” the screen as shown in below image. 

Now Configure VPN Client in your Windows machine follow the link