As you know Tally comes with a default set of features as well as it has a capability of extending its features with Tally Customisations created in Tally Definition Language (TDL). In the same way Tally on cloud also comes with a default set of features to host your Tally ERP and manage it with ease. Add-ons provide you additional features if you really require them.

Add-ons available for Tally on Cloud are as follows :

Advance security :

This Add-on helps you to secure your Tally Data and its access from everyone else than you or your confidential team. Your sensitive and important data is not at all visible to anyone else in the world. Nobody will ever even know that there exists some hidden data.

Group Management :

This add-on helps you to provide access to your Tally companies in a way that respective group of users will have access only to respective company or companies. This respective mapping of groups and companies can easily be managed and further modified with help of this add-on.

Login Alert :

As we know that Tally on Cloud can be accessed by anyone who has credentials from anywhere in the world. Sometimes its essential to keep a track on who has logged in to Tally, at unwanted time, from unwanted place. This add-on helps you to keep a track on such unwanted login(s). It sends an email when a user logs in and in the same email you have a link to your administration panel, from where you can immediately logoff the user.

FTP Backup :

Though Tally on Cloud provides you a Data Scheduled Backup option to backup your Tally Data on any Windows system or NAS Box in your local network, there are sometimes when people need an option to Backup their Tally Data on an FTP Location. This Add-on Provides you FTP Scheduled Backup option.