Here is a good news for you!!! We have updated few new features and bugs in Enjay Fusion CRM listed below for your convenience on 14th Feb’2017:


  1. Global search

    • Feature - By just entering the initials i.e. Character “N” you get all the relevant search result available from all the module to choose from.

    • Benefit 

      • CRM itself shows all the relevant options that are readily available in CRM

      • Search time is reduced as you get options to select from

  1. Meeting invite

    • Feature - You can now view your scheduled meeting in calendar. You can view the invitee panel and CRM searches from Persons/Users/Enquiry model

    • Benefit 

      • Overlapping of the meeting won’t happen, you can schedule your meeting post looking at your calendar

      • You can search your invitees via their first name or Last name or email id and add multiple invitees

  1. Primary Team select

    • Features - While creating person, primary group is selected by default for visibility

    • Benefit -

      • Earlier selecting the primary team was manual without which you can’t complete create person. 

      • User doesn't have to check with Admin to confirm about the visibility of the individual every time you create a Person 

  1. Search and Trash icon

    • Features - While a call log, you can relate your company basis different module i.e. Company, person, enquiry, meeting, person, etc. to search and delete at the same time

    • Benefit 

      • You can get search option and get it related to different module, search time is reduced

      • Simultaneously being on the same page, you can delete and make changes

      • Time saving

  1. Search parent field in call module

    • Feature - While on Call module, you can relate your company basis different module i.e. Company, person, enquiry, meeting, person, etc. to search and delete at the same time

    • Benefit 

      • Search and Delete made easy being on the same page

  1. In-line Edit/Quick Edit
    • Feature - You can edit any details while still being on the same dashlet

    • Benefit -

      • Anything or everything edited from Dashboard page will open the quick edit form page and on saving will return you to the same dashboard page again

      • You dont have to go again to the dashboard page after every edit


  1. SMS template issue

    • Feature - while creating SMS template, template module can be selected to Company/Persons/Tickets/Opportunity basis which you can select the variable fields

    • Benefit -

      • Helps you to personalise the SMS

      • Don't have to repeat the data entry i.e. editing the name every time you send SMS


  1. Contract status(Ticket update)

    • Feature - While creating a TICKET, Any product or company name is selected, it automatically fetches address and AMC details

    • Benefit 

      • Minimal Data entry

      • Don't have to remember and update details manually

  1. Latitude sorting

    • Feature - Sorting of data or contacts or anything for which sorting can be done is now can be done in Mobile App

    • Benefit 

      • Helps you to prioritise your work basis date modified, or any 

  1. Filters in data search

    • Feature - Under Call module, more options in filters are added like Before today, today, after today, after 7 days, before 7 days

    • Benefit -

      • Manual selection of date is not required

      • You can view your follow up/future calls, where you don't have to select particular date


  1. Interlink problem

    • Feature - After creating any new record, CRM automatically gives you the list of individual and how they interlinked

    • Benefit -

      • Helps you build connectivity

      • Info about who all are interlinked with the individual person so as to relate


  1. Underline in DetailView

    • Feature - Look of the data is changed by adding underline for the data available

    • Benefit

      • Look of the Detail view page is improved for users