• Tally Users, while accessing Tally on Cloud, can easily print on their Locally available Printers.
  • They can print on both "Physically connected Printers" and "Printers available in their local network".
  • Two methods are available for accessing Locally available printers.

Let us see "How to install Drivers for your Printers in Tally on Cloud Server"

  • Important Note : 
    • Printer Driver Installation needs VPN Tunnel between your PC and Tally on Cloud Server.
    • You need to share Printers available on your PC before continuing.
  • Open your Tally on Cloud Web Panel to configure your Printers.
  • As shown in below Image, Go to Printer Configuration section.

  • Click on "+" button to select your Printer.
  • Lets understand some important fields on this page. (As shown in below image)
    • Select username : VPN user with which you have connected VPN Tunnel.
    • IP Address : Automatically assigned to your PC when you successfully connect VPN. will be automatically displayed.
    • Username / Password : Required only if your have set authentication on your Windows Shared Printer.
    • Select Printer : Automatically generated List of printers available on your PC. Select one to install.

  • Once you select appropriate options in fields, drivers list will be automatically generated in Select Printer Driver. (See Image below)
  • Select appropriate drive from "Select Printer Driver"

  • Finally Click on "Apply" button.
  • On the next screen you will be able to see your printer. (See image below)

  • Thats it !!! Now your printer is ready and will be available while you print from Tally.

Click Here for Google Cloud Printing in case if you don't find appropriate printer driver in above mentioned method.

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