Configuring VPN Client


Follow these steps for successfully connecting to Tally on Cloud server using your VPN Client

  1. Create a VPN Connection
  2. Configure the Connection for connecting to Tally on Cloud Server.
    Below document will show the configuration of connection in both Win XP as well as Windows 7 & above.

Create a VPN Connection
  • Go to properties of "My Network Places".

  • Click on Create New Connection.

  • Click on Next.

  • Select "Connect to the network at my workplace".
  • Click on Next.

  • Select "Virtual Private Network Connection". Click on Next.

  • Give the VPN Connection name.

  • Provide the VPN Server External IP address. and Click on Next.
  • Note : VPN Server External IP address must be as configured in your Tally on Cloud Server. IP Address in below image is an Example IP

  • Click on Next.

  • Now it's Finish.

Configuring the VPN Connection (Win XP)

  • Go to the Properties of VPN Connection which we create recently.

  • Click on Security.
  • Remove tick mark from "Require Data Encryption".

  • Go to Networking Option.
  • Select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click on Properties.

  • Click on Advance.

  • Remove the Tick Mark from "Use Default gateway on Remote Network".

  • Now type user name and Password of VPN then Connect it.

Configuring the VPN Connection (Windows 7)

In Windows version 7 and above, after creating the connection, follow setting as given below.

Go to the properties of created VPN connection.

  • Click on Security and Select "Data encryption : Optional encryption(Connect even if no encryption)"
  • Remove tick from Challenge Handshake authentication Protocol (CHAP).
  • Select Unencrypted Password (PAP).

  • Click on Networking tab.
  • Select "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)". And go to Properties.

  • Click on Advance.

  • Remove the Tick Mark From "Use of default Gateway on Remote Network".

Now Connection is ready and Connect VPN Connection.