In a conventional setup of Tally, we have few locations that need to be backed up in a pretty regular course of using Tally on Cloud.

Those locations are Tally Data, Tally Export Location, Tally Backup Location, Tally TDL Locations.

Tally on Cloud Web Panel offers a best way of Backing up every piece of files created by your users.

You can set up a scheduled backup on any of the Windows or Linux Device at your desired location.

Let's see How to Backup everything created by your users.

For successfully doing this you need to perform three basic tasks.

  1. Creating Backup environment at your place.
    1. You need to create Windows shares on your Backup device (Windows / Linux / Any Windows Storage). Recommended share names are as follows.
      1. Data, Export, Backup. (See image below)
        Note : Backup folder mentioned here is for backup files generated from within Tally in your Tally on Cloud.
      2. Set same username / password authentication for all Windows Shared locations.

    2. You need to connect your Backup device to Tally on Cloud server using VPN.
      1. See Configuring Tally on Cloud VPN Server and Connect Your Windows System to VPN.
      2. As you saw in VPN Configuration, all your users have a defined IP address.
      3. Here in this case you will use IP address of your Admin User.
  2. Configuring Backup location and Backup schedule in Tally on Cloud Server.
    1. Select "Tally Storage" section in your Tally on Cloud Web Panel.
    2. Go to "Data Backup" Page in right pane. (See image below)

    3. If your Backup device is connected to VPN, then "Server IP" field will automatically get selected with VPN IP address of Admin user.
    4. Username and Password are for authentication of your Windows shares.
    5. In Data field drop down you need to select Windows share created for Data.

    6. In Export field drop down you need to select Windows share created for Export.

    7. In Backup field drop down you need to select Windows share created for Backup.

    8. Schedule Time filed is to set a Time at which Tally on Cloud Server will backup to Backup device.
      Important : Make sure your Backup device is on at the time when Backup is scheduled.

    9. Click on Apply to start your Backup, everyday, at scheduled time from now.
    10. Once you have applied your changes you will now be able to see this page showing all the selected options.
    11. Last option here named as "Status" is really very important. (See image below)

    12. "Status" field will show you what Backup Mechanism is doing right now, it will also show if any error has occurred.
  3. Backup Alerts :
    1. On your Admin Email ID registered in Tally on Cloud, you will receive Email alerts of Successful Backups.
    2. On same email ID you will also receive Failed Backup Alerts.
Important Notice :
It is recommended that you keep a good track on all the Backup alerts.
It is also recommended that you check your Backup Files atleast once in a day.

For any other queries please feel free to contact TallyonCloud Support Team.

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