Firstly, Thanks for choosing Enjay Click2Call Service. Here are steps to implement it for your website. Before you go ahead, we request you to visit our support section for this solution.

This is SAAS based application, for which you have to make a API call to our website. We provide you URL which you need to make an API-CALL. Since this is a web request you can call this API URL from any language (like php or

You might have a "contact us" or any other kind of form, where your website visitors will fill up their details. You have to execute our code when user submits the form. i.e. on submit button our code should run.


API Key:
Your API key is
You are supposed to replace the API key in sample file with this API key.

You need to pass following information to that URL

Sample code files are attached below this document for your referral. In case you find any problem or issues you may contact us on 0260-6612931