This article will help you to configure Esync profile with HO Nas to Branch Nas.

E-Sync is a great tool for doing sync between two storage devices. It operates at the file level, but uses a neat algorithm that detects only the changed parts of files and only sends those changes to the other side.

Requirement for E-Sync

For E-Sync, you require two devices running the NAS OS Professional Version 3.

Both NAS devices should be able to communicate with each other.

If both devices are not in LAN but they are going to connect via WAN, then you should have the static IP of the router of device which you want to take backup. On the router you have to forward following ports to allow communication between two devices

  • TCP Port : 80
  • TCP Port : 443
  • TCP Port : 7887
Please note that all the ports are TCP only.

Once you forward all the ports, just open the user interface of the remote device using static IP, if you get the login screen of the remote device, then every configurations are successful.

For E-Sync to work on the WAN, you should have the active Internet connection on the both devices.

HO Nas IP is

Branch IP is

We just want to take backup of Branch in Local (HO Nas). Branch to HO.

Remote NAS to Local NAS backup.

Go to Advance Feature or Open Esync from Dashboard.

  • Tick on I understand E-Sync, Skip the page for Next time and
  • Click on GO Ahead.

  • Go to Configure Tab And
  • Select Volume name (raid name). Click on Submit.

  • Click on Add Nas Server.
  • Type Remote Server IP. and Click on Add server.

  • Key has been sent successfully to Remote NAS.

  • Go to Remote NAS GUI.
  • Open E-Sync Tab.
  • Go to Key Management Tab.
  • Click on Yes for Authorize the key.

  • Now Key has been Approved.

  • Go to Local Nas GUI.
  • Click on Add Profile. Provide profile name.

  • Select Remote NAs to Local Nas. Because we have to take data from Branch Nas to HO Nas.

  • Select Remote Nas IP.

  • Select Branch Volume Name of Raid.
  • Select Branch's Nas Share Folder. which you want to take backup.

  • Set schedule time and also Select Day for run profile.
  • Select Email Alert for notification.

  • Now Profile created.
  • You can run manually by click on Play button.Or it will run on schedule time.

  • Profile is showing running.

  • Now check the Data which copied by E-Sync.
  • \\Nas ip \ esync \volume name of Remote Nas.

  • You will get Email alert after complete profile.