Tally On Cloud - Windows Client Configuration

This Article will help you to perform Tally on Cloud Client Configuration on Windows.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Make sure your Tally on Cloud Server is configured before configuring your Windows Client. Tally on Cloud Server Configuration information is available at Tally on Cloud Server - Getting Started Guide.

How Users can use Tally on Cloud from their local system ?

  • A private network will be established between Client systems and Tally on Cloud Server using Windows VPN. This is done so that users can easily access their local printers while they are using Tally on Cloud.
  • Once the private network is established then users will get their own user / password credentials and server ip address for connecting to Tally on Cloud using RDP.
  • Windows users will use their normal Remote Desktop Client (mstsc) for starting Remote Tally on their local system.
  • File syncing between User Systems and Cloud is done using Google Drive It is an online storage service just like Dropbox.


Further this guide will help configuring Windows Client for

  1. Configuration of Regular Windows VPN Client.
  2. Using Windows Remote Desktop Client (mstsc).

Configuring VPN Client

Follow these steps for successfully connecting to Tally on Cloud server using your VPN Client

  1. Create a VPN Connection
  2. Configure the Connection for connecting to Tally on Cloud Server.
    Below document will show the configuration of connection in both Win XP as well as Windows 7 & above.

Create a VPN Connection
  • Go to properties of "My Network Places".

  • Click on Create New Connection.

  • Click on Next.

  • Select "Connect to the network at my workplace".
  • Click on Next.

  • Select "Virtual Private Network Connection". Click on Next.

  • Give the VPN Connection name.

  • Provide the VPN Server External IP address. and Click on Next.
  • Note : VPN Server External IP address must be as configured in your Tally on Cloud Server. IP Address in below image is an Example IP

  • Click on Next.

  • Now it's Finish.

Configuring the VPN Connection (Win XP)

  • Go to the Properties of VPN Connection which we create recently.

  • Click on Security.
  • Remove tick mark from "Require Data Encryption".

  • Go to Networking Option.
  • Select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click on Properties.

  • Click on Advance.

  • Remove the Tick Mark from "Use Default gateway on Remote Network".

  • Now type user name and Password of VPN then Connect it.

Configuring the VPN Connection (Windows 7)

In Windows version 7 and above, after creating the connection, follow setting as given below.

Go to the properties of created VPN connection.

  • Click on Security and Select "Data encryption : Optional encryption(Connect even if no encryption)"
  • Remove tick from Challenge Handshake authentication Protocol (CHAP).
  • Select Unencrypted Password (PAP).

  • Click on Networking tab.
  • Select "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)". And go to Properties.

  • Click on Advance.

  • Remove the Tick Mark From "Use of default Gateway on Remote Network".

Now Connection is ready and Connect VPN Connection.

Configuring Windows Remote Desktop Client



before using Remote Desktop Client to connect Tally on Cloud Server.

  1. Before using Remote Desktop Client to connect Tally on Cloud Server, make sure you have configured VPN Client and established VPN connection with Tally on Cloud.
  2. IP Address used for connection should be Internal IP Address as configured in VPN Server configuration on Tally on Cloud Server.

  • Open Windows Remote Desktop Client (mstsc) in your version of Windows. As shown in Image below.

  • Type the internal IP Address of Tally on Cloud Server.
  • Click on the Options Button as shown in the image above.
  • Now type The Username and password (of your user on Tally on Cloud Server. as shown in the image below.

  • Now you can click on Connect button to create RDP Session with Tally on Cloud Server. AND
  • You can also save the connection for future use by clicking on SaveAs button in Connection settings.
  • For saving connection select your Desktop Location. As shown in Image below.

  • In File name provide appropriate name and then click on save button to find the Desktop icon for future use. As shown in image below.
  • You can use this desktop icon for connecting to Tally On Cloud Server using your Username and password.

Your Client system is now ready for connecting to Tally On Cloud Server and using Tally ERP.