Details of Service Provided by Enjay for CRM.

Name of Services / Product Descriptions and Details Expected Benefits  Pricing Remarks

Telephonic and Remote Support

Get instantly connect with our expert team and take telephonic support for query regarding CRM.

Save lot of time to get solved your query.


This is Quarterly charged, Maximum 10 Support Ticket

Kick Start 

Importing and helping to organisng of existing data from various resources. (From Remote)

- if onsite then TA/DA extra

Enhances the speed at which the whole project is implementated, as current data (from old sources - like outlook, excel, database ) comes into system immediately.


Per Day / Part of Day

User Training

Includes introduction to Modules & reporting & Data entry (From Remote)

- if onsite then TA/DA extra

Faster implementation and user acceptance and understanding.

 3,000 Per session / 90 Minutes Session

Admin/Configuration Training

User Management, Forms Editing, report Writing, Workflow management (From Remote)

- if onsite then TA/DA extra

Helps you administrator to manage users and modify forms and reports according to your business needs. Also create notifications to be sent to outside as well inside parties.


Per session / 90 Minutes Session

Customisation Charges

Modification of any module or creation of new modules

tailoring entire solution exactly according to your business, so that software works according to your business and other way around


Per Day / Part of day

As per Scope of Work

Analytical De duplication

Create detailed analysis of duplicates in your CRM

Clean data helps a lot in analysis, other wise CRM data is useless.

 12,000 One Time License Charges

Preventive Deduplication

Prevent duplicate data from entering into CRM.

Clean data before it even enters your CRM system.


one time license charges

SugarCRM SMS Module

Integrate any SMS gateway with SugarCRM

Send SMS to leads, contacts ,accounts ,Opportunity and Case using any SMS Gateway in the world


one time license charges

SugarCRM Tally Integration Get accounting information from Tally in CRM Get ledger balance and bill by bill details from Tally to CRM. So that Sales team does not have to go to accounts team for information


one time license charges
User Activity Module

User's activity on single page Analysis of user's activity   12,000 one time license charges

Business Process Consultancy

Definiing of buisness process for your business and implementation of the same (includes documentation part also)

Implement processes that enhance productivity and over all functioning of organisation.


as per Scope of Work

Website CRM integration

Integration for Lead/Case Capture directly into CRM from your website

Save lots of efforts and never loose any potential customer who is visiting your website.