Enjay CRM is a comprehensive and yet very simple to use CRM based on SugarCRM, it has all the modules required for managing your sales, support, team activities, reporting all in one place. 

Get CRM @ 1 cup Tea for your company now. 

You may also want to view the videos which are kind of how-to for our CRM solution. These videos are available here. We have also compiled a list of use full reports which we have pre-built into our CRM, the list of pre-built reports is available here

Account Module - Details of Customer companies. 

Contact Module - Details of Representative of Customer

Lead Module : Details of Enquiry of Cusotmer

Opportunity Module - Details of upcoming order from customer 


Activities like Meetings, Calls, tasks (3 screenshots)

Meeting Module into CRM - Details of Schedule meeting with customer.

Calls Module : Details of Schedule call for follow up 

Task Module : Details of Task created  and assign to particular users

E-Mail Module : Outbound e-mail , mail merge using E-mail template.

AMC - Details of AMC signed with the customer

Product  Module - Details of Product which is under AMC

Support Case - Logged complaint of Customer

Visit Module - Visit Assign to Field Engineer

Total Visit - Total Visit on Single support case

Basic RMA Module : Details of material to the Supplier / Service Center 

Outward Courier Module : Material send to the supplier/service vendor/customer

Inward Courier Module : Received from Customer/Supplier/Service Center

Notes / Attachment Module : Attach any type of  document