Its said that CRM is as good as its reports. With brilliant reporting engine of SugarCRM, Enjay CRM offers a very simple and yet comprehensive reporting and analysis tool

ITSP (IT Service Provider) is a special customised version of Enjay CRM, where special configuration and customisation has been done so that it is more useful for any Service Provider. 

Get CRM @ 1 cup Tea for your company now.

Here is the list of reports from all modules. this report will be available with your CRM instance.

    1. Account Module Reports:

      1. Customer Account List

      2. Partner Account List

      3. My New Customer Accounts

      4. Customer Account Owners

      5. Accounts By Type By Industry

    2. Contact Module Reports :

      1. Call List By Last Date Contacted

    3. Calls Module Reports:

      1. Calls By Team By User

      2. Open Calls

    4. Meeting Module Reports :

      1. Meetings By Team By User

      2. Open Meetings

    5. Inhouse Task Module Reports:

      1. Tasks By Team By User

      2. Open Tasks

    6. Support Case Module Reports:

      1. Last 7 Days Pending Cases

      2. Open Cases By Month By User

      3. Product wise case details

      4. Total Reopen cases in this month

      5. My Total Pending Cases

      6. Engg. Wise Pending Cases Details

      7. New Cases By Month

      8. Customer Wise Pending Payment

      9. Company wise case cost

      10. AMC Vs Case cost

      11. Open Cases By Priority By User

      12. Open Cases By User By Status

    7. Visit Module Reports :

      1. Engg wise conveyance report

      2. Escalated Case by Engineer

      3. Engg. wise Escalated visits

      4. Employee wise daily visits

      5. Engineer Efficiency

      6. Employee wise visits status

    8. RMA Module Reports :

      1. RMA cases Status wise

      2. Client wise RMA Details

      3. RMA Material Received from Vendor after Repair / Replacement.

      4. RMA Material Send to Vendor for Repair / Replacement

    9. AMC Module Reports:


      2. AMC Revenue V/S Cost

      3. AMC expiring in next 30 days

    10. Lead Module Reports :

      1. Total Product wise monthly leads

      2. User wise pending leads

      3. Leads By Lead Source

    11. Opportunities Module Reports :

      1. Opportunities By Lead Source

      2. Detailed Forecast

      3. All Closed Opportunities

      4. Opportunities Won By Lead Source

      5. Product wise total opportunities

      6. Opportunities By Sales Stage

      7. Pipeline By Type By Team

      8. Opportunities By Type

      9. Opportunities Won By User

      10. Month Wise closed/Lost Business

      11. Pipeline By Team By User

      12. Status wise total pending opportunities

      13. Close Won / Lost Business (Current year)

      14. Opportunities Won By Account

      15. All Open Opportunities

      16. User wise total Opportunity

      17. Current Quarter Forecast

      18. Pending outwards monthly

    12. Users Activity Module Report :

      1. Modulewise Report

      2. Userwise Activity