What is Ensight Viewer?
  • Ensight Viewer is used to view client machine.
  • You can only view the client machine.
  • Other functions do not work in viewer. E.g lock, control, record, full screen.

 To run Ensight viewer, first you have to install Enjay Ensight client on Windows machine only.


Settings on Server side:

  •  Open Enjay Ensight Client activity report in browser

        (e.g. URL:- localhost:8080/ECC)

  • Click on Manage tab
  • Click on Groups Tab.
  • Click add Group button.


  •  Type Group Name. Here we have given Developers and click to Add Group button

Add Users or Clients in Group.
  • Click on Manage Tab.
  • Click on Client Tab.
  • You can see client list connect with Enjay Ensight Server.
  • Check mark the Client host name which you want to add in group. Here we have selected Developers group.
  • You can see in screenshot. local-desktop, mehul-desktop, muinKhan , paresh,Ritesh-Patel machines are assigned to Developer Group.


  • Here selected users have been assigned to Developers group.
  • From this group only one user can see or view this group user’s(here Developers group) screen only. He can not see others users or groups screen.


Assign one Users for Ensight Viewer or Give Permission to user to View Screen.

  • Click on Manage Tab.
  • Click on Groups Tab.
  • You can see the Group list.
  • Click on Edit button of particular group that you want to view the client. [Marked by red box]. Here we have taken Developers.



  • As you click on Edit Button, you have following screen.
  • You can see list of clients which are the member of this Group.
  • We have to give permission to one user to view client. Means he should be a Leader for this group only.
  • To make him Leader, Click the Make Leader Icon Symbol.


  • As you click on Make Leader Icon, you have one pop up with configuration dialogue box.
  • Give username and password for Viewer.
  • Click on Create button now paresh user can see or view the Developer group screen.
  • Click on create it.

  • As you make user leader, user symbol should be in Green colour.

How to Access Viewer or View screen on Windows Machine?

  • Now download the viewer.zip using following links.

              > http://download.enjayworld.com/Ensight/viewer.zip

              > Username and Password : enjay.

  • Extract this folder. You can get viewer folder with following files and folder.

             Folder: lib

             Files   : 

                       > ViewerClient.ens.

                       > enjay.properties

                       > dbsettings.properties

                       > Logger.properties

                       > EnsightLog.log

  • Now Click on ViewerClient.ens.

  • You have following screen.
  • Enter Ensight server IP address.


  • It asks username and Password of Group Leader.
  • Here we have take paresh user as group leader of Developer.


  • Click on Login button.
  • As you click on Login button, you get all users screen of that Group.
  • You can see the Users screen in full screen mode. Double click on the users screen to view full screen.