• Open Enjay Ensight Server console in browser.

         (URL: localhost:8080/ECC)

  • Click on Manage Tab.
  • Click on Settings Button.
  • Click on  SMTP Configuration Tab

  • Type your Gmail ID and Password. E-mail will be sent through this id.

  • Click on Submit Button.

Configure Report:

  • Click on ‘Reports Tab’
  • Click on Activity Logs à Activity Reportsà Select Report of “Today”
  • Give the name of report. (e.g. Daily Report.) and click on Save button.


Set Schedule Report:

  • Click on Schedule Reports Tab.


         You can get the report on Daily basis. Also get the Weekly and monthly report but on daily basis.


  • Click on Drop-down arrow key and select the report that we have created.
  • Type the “Subject” name. (e.g. Ensight Daily Report)
  • Click on Submit Button to save this configuration.

Task Scheduler Setting on Windows machine.

  • Go to the C:\Wamp\www\ECC\reports.
  • Download the following file and copy it in C:\Wamp\www\ECC\reports.
                > http://download.enjayworld.com/Ensight/custommail.rar

                > Username and Password :- enjay

  • Now, Open Scheduler Task option

               (Click on Start-->Programs--> Accessories-->System Tools)

  • Double click on Add Scheduled Task



  • Click on Next Button.
  • Click on Browse button.



  • Go to the C:\Wamp\www\ECC\reports.
  • Select Mailer.bat file & open it.



  • Select “Daily task” options

       Note:- 1. Don’t change the name of default “mailer” name.


  • Now Select Time & Date Schedule


  •  It asks for windows authentication. Give the username & password of windows administrator.
  • Click on Finish button.