•   Download the Enjay Ensight from following links

                o Username and Password: enjay

                o http://download.enjayworld.com/Ensight/Enjay%20Ensight_v2.3.1.exe

  • Double click on Enjay Ensight 2.3.1.exe
  • Select Ensight Client.

  • Click on Next button.
  • If you require Ensight Chat option on client, check mark on chat option as seen in following screen shot

  • Click on Next button for proceed.
  • Click on Finish button & reboot it.
  • After rebooting, We have to add Ensight port  Windows Firewall & Antivirus firewall.

            o Add this port in Firewall Exceptions.

            o Ensight Port :- 5007 & 3331

            o File name :- egvnc1.exe

                                  (C:\Program Files\Enjay Ensight\Library)