Simple guidelines describing use of Reports & Use your CRM in your own fashion to import data & search according to you 

1. Searching in SugarCRM - Global Search, Advanced Searches and Saved Searches : This video make you walk through global searches, module & advanced searches & also briefs on how to save your search criteria.

2. Introduction to Creating and Using Reports : This video helps you understand the basic report features, navigation used within the report module. It also explains how to create & modify report, how to schedule report for email deliveries & how to export a report. It describes how to display various report charts that you can custom in your dashboards.

3. Importing Data in Sugar : This video explains what are the importing features & options in sugarCRM. How you can import & update data in various modules of sugar is also briefly demonstrated in it. How sugar helps complete data migration is explained here in this video.

4. How to configure your gmail id in CRM (Email Module & Admin Setting for w/f alerts) : This tutorial shows you how to set up Gmail (Inbound/Outbound). It shows you how to set up a Gmail or Google Apps account for your system SMTP, which is how SugarCRM sends welcome emails and passwords to new users. It also demonstrates how to set up an individual Gmail or Google Apps account for use in SugarCRM's email system.