Administrator development tour, email configuration & roles/teams assignment

1. SugarCRM Administration - A Guide Through Common Admin Areas : This video covers various areas of admin panel describing each sections including user, role & team management. It summarizes system management, mapping of social networks with CRM, email settings & configuration. Admin panel also allows you to create & define worflows, modules, add/remove fields & dropdowns according to your business needs.

2. How to add a dropdown to a module in SugarCRM : If you want to add a new dropdown field to your form then no need to be a developer or have a developer experience anymore. Sugar CRM has made it easy for you without writing a single line of code. The video demonstrates you how you can do the needful for yourself using Sugar CRM developer studio.

3. Creating Effective Workflows : This video explains the workflow management used to standardize your business, create custom business processes & define alerts, triggers & actions.

4. Introduction to Implementing Users, Teams, and Roles : This video briefs you how the users, their roles & teams fit together. This video explains user types, how to create, edit, activate & deactivate users in Sugar. It describes team characteristics, assign users to teams & mange team information. It also explains & define roles characteristics by creating role & managing field-level access.

5. How to configure your gmail id in CRM (Email Module & Admin Setting for w/f alerts) : This tutorial shows you how to set up Gmail (Inbound/Outbound). It shows you how to set up a Gmail or Google Apps account for your system SMTP, which is how SugarCRM sends welcome emails and passwords to new users. It also demonstrates how to set up an individual Gmail or Google Apps account for use in SugarCRM's email system.