Take a tour to the very own SugarCRM :

1. What is CRM? : This video is about what is CRM & why you should go for it? Also explains the cycle & relationship of marketing, sales & services with customers. This video covered all the topic wise along with all the scenarios of CRM.

2. SugarCRM Introduction : This video takes you to a complete tour to SugarCRM. It genuinely demonstrates what CRM system used to be long years back & what it is now called SugarCRM, describing its intuitivity, flexibility, openness & simplicity followed by familiar user experiences. 

3. Getting Started With SugarCRM : This video demonstrates complete navigation process of SugarCRM along with description on how to personalize your own dashboard that works with your day with brief description of each module. It explains the process of login, theme selection & language selection including system links.

4. Sales Management Demonstration : This video briefs about the right usage of valuable sales time. It explains how you can organize sales, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities & Accounts in a single place. SugarCRM increases sales productivity & drive revenue explaining the key sales information by defining complete sales cycle in brief.

5. Using Dashboards to manage your day in CRM : Demonstrates on how you can customize & personalize your own dashboard to manage your day. It is helpful in analyzing your daily activities according to the roles & teams assigned to you by your system administrator.