This Document contains FAQ of User Activity Analysis SugarCRM Module or User Activity Analysis  SugarCRM plugin or  User Activity Analysis SugarCRM Addon or  User Activity Analysis  SugarCRM Add on.

1 : What are the initial steps to make the user activity addon work?

A : You will have to get the addon activated entering licence key.Once done you will have to configure on what modules you want to track activity.


2 : On what modules does it tracks activity?

A: Accounts,Contacts,Leads,Opportunities,Tasks,Cases,Projects,Products,Bug Tracker and Quotes module.

3 : On what action of user does it tracks activity ?

A : On insert or update on different modules the activity is tracked.

4 : I don't want to track activity on Tasks module , how shall I do this  ?

A : Disable Tasks module from User Activity Settings from Admin Panel.

5 : Will it show activity for records before the addon was installed ?

A : No.It will only show activities after the module is in place.


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