Description :

This documents outlines a Prerequisite of Enjay SugarCRM Tally Integration Addon.

SugarCRM Tally Integration Addon provide tally integration with SugarCRM. SugarCRM integration with tally provides details like Account closing balance ,and ledger at one place. SugarCRM Tally Integration Addon gives complete solution of erp crmThis SugarCRM Module Support tally erp 9 and other tally versions.

Lets Understand Prerequisite of Enjay SugarCRM Tally Integration Addon

  • Browser
    • Best supported latest Browser :
      • Google Chrome.
      • Mozilla Firefox.
  • CRM
    • SugarCRM:  6.5.x 
    • Other CRM: All the other CRM which having API structure similar to SugarCRM with the above supported Sugar editions.
  • Tally
    • If Your Tally Server is not in your Infrastructure, Then You need to open Tally Server Port Number.

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