This document contains complete list of FAQ of SugarCRM Tally Integration Plugin or SugarCRM Tally Integration Module or crm erp or erp crm or SugarCRM+Accounting or sugarcrm billing module or Sugarcrm billing or crm+Accounting .This SugarCRM Module Support tally erp 9 and other tally versions.

1 : What are the initial steps to make the SugarCRM Tally Integration addon work?

: After your licence gets activated you will then be required to configure Tally Server IP and Tally Server Port. These settings are only available to admin user from admin panel.

2 : Where can I see the SugarCRM Tally Integration settings?

A: Goto Admin. Scroll down.You will see SugarCRM Tally Configuration settings panel.Click the link & then you can easily configure it.

3 : Why I cannot found Bill By Bill Detail in Accounts module sub panel Notes Attachment ?

A: You have Not Configured Valid SOAP Username and Password in SugarCRM Tally Configuration OR You have not entered Valid Tally Server IP and Port number.

4 : I haven't received my licence key , how do I get it?

A : If you have an internet connection on clicking Request key button in SugarCRM Tally Configuration panel , an email will be sent to your registered email address.After that you need to buy Activation key from

If you don't have Internet connection you may contact Enjay IT Solutions Limited to share the Serial key with you.Below are the contact details.

Contact Number - 0260-6612950

Email :

5 : I didn't get Tally Groups while creating Ledger From Tally?

A : You have to go in Group Module,Create one Sample Group with Any Name after creating it go to view group.You get button termed Sync Tally Groups click on that you will get all the Group Name in CRM from Tally.

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