Many of our clients have asked to get a single report for User Activity on almost all modules on CRM.

Eg : You might want to report at a single place how many tasks,opportunities,quotes etc have been created by user xyz.

SugarCRM Out of the Box only allows you to create a report for a single module

Eg : You may get one report for Tasks and other one for Opportunities.


The User Activity SugarCRM module comes in that place. User Activity Module for SugarCRM helps to tracking all activities by CRM users on different modules and generates  User Activity report for SugarCRM.

This document describes Features and benefits of User Activity SugarCRM Module or  User Activity SugarCRM Addon or  User Activity SugarCRM Add on or User Activity SugarCRM plugin.

User Activity List

  • It comes with two default reports one that shows activity "Userwise" and the one "Modulewise".

Userwise User Activity Report

ModuleWise User Activity Report

  • You may create other customized reports,dashlet and schedule report for this module.
  • You can also set on what modules you want to track activity.
  • It will track activity on Contacts,Accounts,Leads,Opportunities,Tasks,Cases,Quotes,Projects,Product and Bug Tracker module.

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