Most of Service Providers, also do implementation of their products or services, and these involves more than one person and also duration of these implementation is also very long. These implementations are also spread across many timelines and milestones. These implementation cannot be handled as a normal support case, its much more than that. So if you are using SugarCRM, try using Project Management in SugarCRM, it is very effective.

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Here are few ideas, which can be useful 

  • Defining Milestones and deliverables using Checklist (Project Task)
  • Project tasks allows you to define milestones, so that you can keep track of timely execution of the project.
  • All information in one place (360 degree view).
  • Projects however small will have more than few people involved - for example few engineers and managers from our office, Few contractors, may be consultant, and also few people from Customer's team also.
  • Projects are also related to Sales Invoice / Opportunity, helping you track entire business life cycle.
  • There will be many people doing various activities like visits, tasks, meetings, calls, emails etc - all the activities are related to the project.
  • Documentation relating to the project is also stored in the projects module only.
  • Time and cost analysis using tasks
  • Each and every task, visit, meeting, etc have time and cost fields, which are automatically added to checklist items as well as project also.
  • Hence you can also know what is the cost of each checklist item also. This helps to do the cost analysis in a much deeper way.
  • No Accounting software can give 
  • Project Templates.
  • Generally projects can be categorised in to types, and according to that templates can be created, which saves lots of time in creating new projects.
  • Templates will have predefined checklist.
  • Gantt Chart & other features.
  • Gantt chart or even export to MS Projects is also available.

  • Click here More details about Projects Module in SugarCRM