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This article guide you to resolve your share access permission issue.

Accessing Multiple share with different User Permission
  • Problem

    We have many shares on NAS and we try to access one by one each shares from the same machines with correct authentication.

  • When we access more than one share on the same machine that time we get following error messages. 

It happens because of windows default setting to save network resource user name and password.Once we access ,it will be saved till you log off or restart the machine


Unless we need to manually remove manually.



1 . We have to disconnect map network drive. For that you have to open File explorer, go to Tools menu - disconnect network drive.Select mapped network drive and clieck on OK button. Now you can able to access another share folder.


If same issue,follow the steps.


2. Type cmd and run below command it will disconnect all mapped share 


C:\net use  /del *


To disconnect the single share access.


  • net use \\ name /del
  • net use \\nasip\sharename /del 


Note - We can also make batch file with above command and keep on desktop.Whenever we require to disconnect mapped drive we can run batch file. 


3. If still same issue comes Open run - type “keymgr.dll”


Sometimes windows store the credential here also


Problem will be solved.