Prerequisite in StoreVol configuration check before go to access recycle bin data.

  • Open Nas GUI and login with admin.
  • Click on Disk Configuration -> Raid Array.

Check mark on Share to Super Users should be there As shown in below image
  Here is Volume name is "raid"

    Create new user and make it super user.
    •     For creating user go to Account - User Management - Add user
    •     Follow the step as you can see in below image

    • After above setting do the following process.

    As per this NAS configuration raid volume name is = “raid” and IP is

    Open Run in Windows.

      Syntax :  \\nasip\raid volume name\   Press Enter

    • You will be prompted for user and password
    • Give superuser name and password


       .Recycle folder will be hide.

      You will get all share folder list here with deleted data from share folder.

      • Suppose we have deleted data from support share folder.In .recycle folder also support share folder will be available with deleted data.
      • Then we can delete it or restore (copy) if required in desired share folder.