Asterisk Configuration for SugarCRM Asterisk connector

This document gives complete guide of configuration for Asterisk server for SugarCRM Asterisk / Synapse / Elastix / FreePBX connector. 

This is also very important configuration for the Users.Users have to made some changes in Asterisk Manager Configuration.This Configuration Actually useful to connect Users SugarCRM with there own Asterisk Server.

We will recommend you to change in manager.conf file from asterisk Server.

1. Open ‘5038’ Port from Asterisk Server :

Asterisk Admin have to enable the port 5038 for the Sugar Asterisk Connector to work.

Below screenshot will show you how to enable port ‘5038’ port from asterisk server.

Please add ‘webenabled’ property if doesn’t exist in file and set value to enabled.

and also set value of 'bindaddr' to ‘’ is also must required.


2. Enable CDR Event From Asterisk :
Asterisk Administrator have to enabled CDR event from ‘cdr_manager.conf’ file from asterisk server.

Below screenshot will show you how to enable CDR event from cdr_manager.conf file from asterisk server.


After that Don’t forgot to restart asterisk server,to restart the asterisk server hit the below command from terminal.

`/etc/init.d/asterisk restart`

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