Description SugarCRM SMS Integration :

This documents gives Feature list & Benefits of Enjay SugarCRM SMS IntegrationUser can send SMS directly from SugarCRM leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities etc and Supports SMS Templates & get SMS history in SugarCRM. 

Feature List & Benefits of SugarCRM SMS Integration :

  • It work with any SMS Gateway.
  • User can do configuration setting by own for SMS Add-on.
  • Easy to Create SMS Template on basis of Sugar CRM Modules (Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunities, Cases).
  • SMS template create by selecting available fields of module.
  • Automated process to store SMS logs into CRM.
  • User can see SMS logs into CRM with details of text to be send,sending date & time,destination mobile number,customer name.
  • Group SMS can sent on basis of search result from list view of Lead, Contact, Account, Cases, Opportunity modules.
  • Send generic SMS,Greeting SMS or custom template to all recipient from list view of sugar CRM modules.
  • Field engineer/technician can notify by assign support cases using “Case Register SMS”
  • Notify to customer directly on register or closing of their complaints.
  • Send out SMS to Field Sales staff on the move so they can contact to client at the shortest time.
  • Easy to achieve greater operational efficiency ,communicate direct to targeted audience.

Support Contact Details

  • Web store
  • Email :
  • Skype Idenjayconnectors
  • Call us on (0260) 6612931/32