This document outlines all FAQ of SugarCRM DeDuplication Analytical plugin.

SugarCRM Analytical Deduplication Plugin gives lists all duplicates records in Contacts, Leads & Accounts based on Email, Name & Phone number.This SugarCRM plugin also help merge or delete  the duplicates. So this SugarCRM plugin helps to improve data quality of SugarCRM.

1 : What are the initial steps to make the prevent duplicates addon work?

: You will have to get the addon activated entering licence key.Once done you will get a search panel to find duplicates on Contacts & Accounts.

2 : How to get duplicates with similar sounds?

A: Select phonetics on Contacts Name and you will get all list of duplicates on Contacts whose name sounds similar.

3 : On what modules & what fields I can find duplicates ?

A : You can get duplicates list in contacts module based on name (first name and last name combination),mobile number and email address.For account it will be name,office number and email address.

4 : On what modules I can do phonetic or search based on similar sounds ?

A : Phonetic search can be done on name in Contacts module only.

5 : When selected phonetic it gives slow results ?

A : Phonetic searches for sounds with similar names.As it checks for similar sounds it is going to take time.


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